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Zeus II
Romances Hera II
Alcmene II
Affiliations Hera II
Ares II
Aphrodite II
Cupid II
Alcmene II
Hercules II/Sovereign
Deianeira of Thebes (Strange World)
Klonus II
Aeson of Thebes (Strange World)
Ilea II
Sister(s) Hera II
Son(s) Ares II
Hercules II/Sovereign
Daughter(s) Aphrodite II
Other Family Cupid II (grandson by Aphrodite II)
Deianeira of Thebes (Strange World) (daughter-in-law by Hercules II)
Klonus II (elder grandson by Hercules II and Deianeira II)
Aeson of Thebes (Strange World) (younger grandson by Hercules II and Deianeira II)
Ilea II (granddaughter by Hercules II and Deianeira II)

Zeus II was king of the Olympians in the Strange World. He built the Labyrinth of Eternal Memory for his son Hercules II, but the effort drove him insane. Years later, Hercules II, now the Sovereign poisoned him with Hind's Blood in order to force Aphrodite II to marry him so he could replace Zeus II as king of the gods. Since anyone who is injured or dies in the Strange Reality affects their counterpart in our universe in the same way and vice-versa, Zeus was also dying. Luckily, Iolaus and the rebels were able to stop the Sovereign before either Zeus was killed.

However it is likely that he died when his counterpart was killed by Hercules.


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