This article is about the artifacts. For the episode, see "The Xena Scrolls".
The Xena Scrolls
Xena scrolls.jpg
The Xena Scrolls, with one half of Xena's broken Chakram
Owner(s) Gabrielle, Rob Tapert, Sam Raimi
Type Writing
Series Xena: Warrior Princess
First Appearance "The Xena Scrolls"
Last Appearance "Soul Possession"

The Xena Scrolls are the scrolls that were written by Gabrielle and translated into modern English, in order to create the television series. The idea of the show was first pitched to Rob Tapert by Ted, a descendant of Joxer and Jack Kleinman. Gabrielle wrote them throughout the series, and she can even be seen writing them on-screen.

Found by the descendants of Xena (Melinda Pappas), Gabrielle (Janice Covington) and Joxer (Jack Kleinman) in 1940, the Scrolls were hidden in the deep underground of Macedonia, sometime after Gabrielle had died. Along with the scrolls was Ares' eternal tomb, where Xena presumbably trapped him before she died. They were written in ancient Greek and translated by Melinda Pappas.

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