Legendary Journeys

Xena II Figure

Xena II Backboard

Not to be confused with Xena II.

Xena II was in Wave Two of the HTLJ 5 inch action figure line by ToyBiz. For some reason she is not pictured with the rest of Wave Two on the backboards. Perhaps she was a last minute addition based on the popularity of XWP and of the Xena I: with Warrior Princess Weaponry figure. Like with the Xena I figure, Xena II's armour is rubber and removable. It is meant to represent her costume from HTLJ "The Warrior Princess." She also comes with a gold-coloured chakram and a bow with two large spear-like arrows. The bow is strung with a rubber string which allows the arrows to be shot (although not very far).

The Xena II Backboard is unique in that it is the only one to feature a live action photo of the character. It features a publicity photo of Lucy Lawless as Xena, wearing a costume that does not quite match any armor Xena is seen wearing. The bio, as with most publicity materials marketed to children, erroneusly identified Xena as being an actual princess, instead of her title simply being a sobriquet.