Xena's Vision
Xena Cross Vision
Xena is crucified
Also Known As Alti's Gift
Series Xena: Warrior Princess
Type Premonition
Character(s) Involved Xena, Gabrielle, Alti, Romans, Callisto, Julius Caesar, Eli
Deaths Xena, Gabrielle

Xena's vision was the premonition of her's and Gabrielle's death at the moment on The Ides of March. It was first shown to Xena during her visit to Siberia by Alti, who hoped to kill Xena by having her physically experience the vision. However, having previously believed that Gabrielle had died yet seeing her present in the vision of the future, Xena was able to gather the strength to fight back and defeat Alti. The vision haunted Xena throughout Series 4, and ultimately proved true, occurring almost exactly as it was shown.

Considering it was primarily only Xena who witnessed the vision, she decided to keep it a secret from Gabrielle. When The Djinn informed Najara of Xena's vision, she told her that it was a great curse to see one's death. Despite Najara not telling Gabrielle about the vision, Xena eventually decided to. Gabrielle was defiant not to fear or believe it. This was until Alti showed Gabrielle the vision during their battle in India. Although now believing it, Gabrielle did not seem to be fearful of it, styling her hair in the exact way it was shown in the vision, and showing no attempt at stopping the vision from happening.

Events involving Callisto and Julius Caesar led to the vision eventually coming true, leading to the crucifixion of Xena and Gabrielle. The tragedy of the situation was reversed, however, when Eli later revived them, with help from a reformed angelic Callisto.


Alti shows vision to gab

Alti showing Gabrielle the Vision, in "Between the Lines"


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