Legendary Journeys

Season Four of Xena: Warrior Princess aired from 28th September, 1998 to 17th May, 1999. The main plot of this Season was focused around Gabrielle's search for her own way of life, and a vision that Xena received from Alti, depicting her and Gabrielle being crucified at the hands of the Romans.



SeasonTotalImageTitleWriterDirectorOriginal Airdate
401pt1 03.jpg
"Adventures in the Sin Trade" R.J. Stewart, Rob TapertT.J. Scott September 28, 1998
Xena travels to Siberia and the Amazon Land of the Dead in search for Gabrielle .
"Adventures in the Sin Trade II" Rob Tapert , R.J. StewartT.J. ScottOctober 5, 1998
Xena continues her search forGabrielle and prepares the Northern Amazons to combat against Alti .
Gabrielle and Destroyer family affair.jpg
"A Family Affair " Liz Friedman & Chris ManheimDoug Lefler October 12, 1998

Xena finds is reunited with Gabrielle in Poteidaia, but something is haunting the town- the Destroyer, Hope's offspring, and has Xena questioning if Gabrielle is who she says she is.

Xena and Gab Sickness.jpg
"In Sickness and in Hell" Adam Armus , Nora Kay FosterJosh Becker October 19, 1998
Xena goes back to get Argo. Meanwhile, Gabrielle gets a rash and Xena gets lice, and the Scythian Army are planning to destroy a near by city.
Caesar and Pompey Good.jpg
"A Good Day" Steven L. Sears Rick Jacobson October 26, 1998
Xena tries to start an upcoming war between Caesar and Pompey , somewhere they can do no harm and waste their troops.
A Tale of Two Muses TITLE.jpg
"A Tale of Two Muses" Gillian Horvath Michael Hurst November 2, 1998
Xena, Gabrielle, Autolycus, and Tara bring dancing to a town where it is banned.
Locked Up and Tied Down TITLE.jpg
"Locked Up and Tied Down" Rob Tapert , Josh BeckerRick Jacobson November 9, 1998
Xena is sent to Shark Island Prison for killing a woman in a cruel manner, many years ago. Gabrielle attempts to break her out, unsure if shes heard the full extent of what happened years ago.
Najara Gab.jpg
"Crusader" R.J. Stewart Paul Lynch November 16, 1998
Xena and Gabrielle meeta woman warrior,Najara , who forces sinners and warlords into the way of the light but Xena is not completely sure she is as good as she says she is..
Xena and Gabrielle Past.jpg
"Past Imperfect" Steven L. Sears Garth Maxwell January 7, 1999
.Xena realizes that she is being outsmarted by her own tactics - tactics that she used to invade Corinth and begin the Battle of Corinth .
Autolycus, Meg, Joxer.jpg
"The Key to the Kingdom" Eric A Morris Bruce Campbell January 11, 1999
Meg ,Autolycus and Joxer team up to find the key to unlocking and discovering the Crown of Athena .
Pomira Humans Daughter.jpg
"Daughter of Pomira" Linda McGibney Patrick Norris January 18, 1999
When Xena and Gabrielle run into some young Horde out hunting they notice that the youngest of them have blond hair and striking looks. After investigating she realizes that the issue is more personal then she thinks..
If the shoe fits.jpg
"If the Shoe Fits" Adam Armus & Nora Kay FosterJosh Becker January 25, 1999
Xena , Gabrielle , Joxer , andAphrodite tell their own versions of "Cinderella" toAleshia , a young princess who has run away from home.
Paradise Found TITLE.jpg
"Paradise Found " Chris Manheim Rob Tapert February 1, 1999
When Xena and Gabrielle fall down a hole whilst taking shelter in a cave they find a bucolic world of seeming peace, inhabited solely by the peaceful Aiden and his crazy caretaker.
Devi 03.jpg
"Devi" Chris Manheim Garth Maxwell February 8, 1999
Xena and Gabrielle travel to exotic India, where Xena helps rescue a beleagured magician names Eli, and Gabrielle discovers she may have the ability to heal, but it may come from a sinister source..
Betweenthelines 06.jpg
"Between the Lines" Steven L. Sears Rick Jacobson February 15, 1999
While traveling through India , Xena and Gabrielle rescue a woman with mysterious powers who sends Xena and Gabrielle's souls are sent into the future through the power of Mehndi to protect their good karma from the reincarnated Alti .
Theway 05.jpg
"The Way" R.J. Stewart John Fawcett February 22, 1999
Xena and Gabrielle encounter their old friend Eli who has been targeted by Indrajit , the King of Demons, and his dark minions. However, when both Eli and Gabrielle are captured, Xena seeks the help of the god Krishna to rescue them. Meanwhile Xena fears her warrior's actions in this life might prevent that from happening as it should...
Playsthething 01.jpg
"The Play's the Thing" Ashley Gable & Thomas SwydenChris Graves March 1, 1999
Gabrielle unknowingly becomes a pawn in a theater scam when one of her scrolls falls into the hands of Zehra , the "Queen of Cons".
The Convert 004.jpg
"The Convert" Chris Manheim Andrew Merrifield April 19, 1999
In the midst of a fight, Joxer self-defensively kills the warlord Kryton , Meanwhile, Najara crosses paths with Gabrielle andXena again.
Takes One TITLE.jpg
"Takes One to Know One" Jeff Vlaming Chris Graves April 26, 1999
Xena, Cyrene, Joxer, Minya, Lila and Autolycus have organised a surprise birthday party for Gabrielle, but when Ravenica, a bounty hunter is murdered, Discord forces Xena to discover who the killer is and give them up before time runs out, or she will take everybody.
Endgame 5 mq 062cd.jpg
"Endgame" Steven L. Sears Garth Maxwell May 3, 1999
Gabrielle takes over as the Queen of the Amazons when Ephiny is killed by Brutus , in the heat of battle, While Xena pursues Brutus, hoping he'll lead her to Pompey.
IdesofMarch 03.jpg
"The Ides of March" R.J. Stewart Ken Girotti May 10, 1999
Xena attempts to assassinate Caesar, but an unexpected enemy from the past intervenes.
"Deja Vu All Over Again " R.J. Stewart Renee O'Connor May 17, 1999
In modern day USA, Annie Day believes she is the reincarnation of Xena. Her boyfriend Harry takes her to se Mattie Merrill, a psychologist who specializes in past life experiences.



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