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Season Three of Xena: Warrior Princess aired from 29th September, 1997 to 19th May, 1998. This season's main plot involved Dahak, Hope and The Rift.

Season Three was notable for being the first of Xena to have a running storyline. season four followed this style with Xena's Vision and season five followed this with the Twilight of the Gods. While season six didn't have solid storyline, most of it's episodes tackled the effect of the Twilight and 25-year sleep.



SeasonTotalImageTitleWriterDirectorOriginal Airdate
"The Furies" R.J. Stewart Gilbert M. Shilton September 29, 1997
Ares sends The Furies after Xena for failure to avenge the murder of her father.
Been There, Done That TITLE.jpg
"Been There, Done That" Hilary Bader Andrew Merrifield October 6, 1997
Xena is doomed to repeat the same day over and over, until she can figure out what it is she must do.
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"The Dirty Half Dozen" Steven L. Sears Rick Jacobson October 13, 1997

Ares steals the secret of Hephaestus ' metal and gives it to Agathon , a warlord. Xena tries to give four assassins, she trained, a second chance like she had.

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"The Deliverer" Steven L. Sears Oley Sassone October 20, 1997
Xena goes to Britannia to help Boadicea fight Caesar . Gabrielle finds herself in a dangerous situation with a cult.
GH 004.jpg
"Gabrielle's Hope" R.J. Stewart Charles Siebert, Andrew MerrifieldOctober 27, 1997
Gabrielle is informed from Banshees that she is carrying the "Child of Darkness."
"The Debt: Part 1" R.J. Stewart Oley Sassone November 3, 1997
Xena travels to Chin to kill the son of a former allie . Gabrielle tries to stop her.
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"The Debt: Part 2" R. J. Stewart Oley Sassone November 10, 1997
Xena, being betrayed by Gabrielle, is carried out to await execution in prison, while remembering how Lao Ma gave her the chance to change her life.
Normal kingofassassins 02.jpg
"The King of Assassins" Adam Armus, Nora Kay FosterBruce Campbell November 17, 1997
Joxer's twin brother Jett is on a mission to assassinate Cleopatra , unless Xena , Gabrielle , Autolycus , and Joxer can stop him.
"Warrior... Priestess... Tramp" Adam Armus, Nora Kay FosterRobert Ginty January 12, 1998
When the Hestian High Priestess Leah , another Xena look-alike, disappears Meg fills in. Xena finds Leah impersonating her, and tries to figure out who is after the hestian virgins .
QIM 004.jpg
"The Quill is Mightier..." Hilary Bader Andrew Merrifield January 19, 1998
Aphrodite, wanting to teach Gabrielle a lesson, puts a spell on her scrolls so that everything she writes comes true.
"Maternal Instincts" Chris Manheim Mark Beesley January 26, 1998
Someone has released Callisto from the lava pit, while Xena and Gabrielle is in the Centaur 's land to celebrate a treaty and visit Solan .
Bittersuite 02.jpg
"The Bitter Suite" Steven L. Sears O Oley SassoneFebruary 2, 1998
After nearly killing one another from out of anger and deception, Xena and Gabrielle find themselves in The Land of Illusia, a strange and dream-like world.
"One Against an Army" R.J. Stewart Michael Levine February 9, 1998
Xena must stop the Persian Army from reaching Athens, or Greece will lose to them. But when Gabrielle is hit with a poison arrow and has hours to live, Xena is caught between Gabrielle and the Greater Good.
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"Forgiven" R.J. Stewart Garth Maxwell February 16, 1998
Xena and Gabrielle are in search for the stolen Urn of Apollo with the help or Tara, whom is trying to replace Gabrielle as Xena's sidekick.
Joxer Beaten King Con.jpg
"King Con" Chris Manheim Janet Greek February 23, 1998
When Joxer hits it big at a casino, he is conned out of all his money and has his sword stolen. He is then beaten almost to death, and Xena plans to bring down the ones responsible.
Normal wheninrome 08.jpg
"When in Rome" Steven L. Sears John Laing March 2, 1998
Xena learns that the hero Vircinix of Gaul, has been captured by Caesar , She captures Crassus , one of Caesar's enemies, in hopes of him wanting to trade.
Normal forgetmenot 08.jpg
"Forget Me Not" Steven L. Sears John Laing March 8, 1998
Gabrielle seeks Mnemosyne in hopes she can rid her of the memories of her recent betrayals against Xena with Hope , and in Chin . But to give up the bad she must give up the good too.
"Fins, Femmes and Gems" Adam Armus, Nora FosterJosh Becker April 11, 1998
Xena , Gabrielle and Joxer attempt to put the North Star back into the sky after Aphrodite stole the Mystic Diamond (which is vital to the North star) from the Temple of the Heavens. .
Xena s3 tsunami dArc 744.jpg
"Tsunami" Chris Manheim John Laing April 20, 1998
.Xena , Gabrielle , and Autolycus are trapped in a sunken ship, after its is hit by a tidal wave. They must figure a way out before they run out of time and oxygen.
Xena Gab disguise vanishing.jpg
"Vanishing Act" Terry Winter Andrew Merrifield April 27, 1998
Autolycus must find out who stole a certain statue, if he is to keep hist title of "The King of Thieves." Xena and Gabrielle assist him and find it is more personal for him then they think.
321 sacrifice1 04.jpg
"Sacrifice: Part 1" Steven L. Sears David Warry Smith May 10, 1998
Xena and Gabrielle rescue Seraphin , a sacrifice that will bring about the return of an evil Goddess, presumably Callisto . When Xena confronts her, she discovers that the Goddess is in Fact Hope .
Sacrifice II Title.jpg
"Sacrifice: Part 2" Paul Robert Coyle Rick Jacobson May 19, 1998
Hope takes the form of Gabrielle and joins forces with Ares to create a race of superbeings. Hope denies Callisto her wish to die until Dahak is released onto the World and so, in her anger joinsXena and Gabrielle.



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