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Season Two of Xena: Warrior Princess aired from 30th September, 1996 to May 12th, 1997. The idea of this season was to deepen the characters and to create oppurtunities for future plots and scenarios. During the production of season 2, Lucy Lawless suffered a pelvic injury while filming a segment for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and a "Xena-lite" episode was produced to give her time to recover. There is considerable debate as to exactly which episode this is. Most fans assume that the extended body switch with Callisto in Ten Little Warlords was the episode in question, but R.J. Stewart stated that it was actually The Quest. Rob Tabert, on the other hand, indicated that it was in fact For Him the Bell Tolls.



SeasonTotalImageTitleWriterDirectorOriginal Airdate
Solan Xena orphan.jpg
"Orphan of War" Steven L. Sears Charles Siebert September 30, 1996
Xena and Gabrielle battle with the Centaurs to keep Dagnine from getting the Ixion Stone .
Normal remembernothing 02.jpg
"Remember Nothing" Chris Manheim Anson Williams October 7, 1996
The Fates grant Xena one wish, that she had never became a warrior, but only if she never draws blood in anger. Xena finds that this wish has consequences on the lives of the ones she loves.
Giantkiller 02.jpg
"The Giant Killer" Terence Winter Gary Jones October 14, 1996

A retelling of the story of David and Goliath. Goliath, an old friend of Xena's, has taken the path of evil after the death of his family.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun TITLE.jpg
"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" Adam Armus, Nora Kay FosterT.J. Scott October 21, 1996
Bacchus turns Gabrielle into a Bacchae. Xena, with the help of Joxer and Orpheus, try to stop Bacchus from creating more Bacchaes, and turn Gabrielle back to human.
ReturnofCallisto 03.jpg
"Return of Callisto" R.J. Stewart T.J. Scott October 28, 1996
Callisto escapes from prison and sends Xena word that she will continue killing. Gabrielle's honeymoon with Perdicus is interrupted by Callisto.
Wprincesstramp 04.jpg
"Warrior... Princess... Tramp"R.J. Stewart Josh Becker November 4, 1996
Xena has to help Princess Diana once more, but finds Meg, another Xena look-alike, already filling the role.
Xena in Callisto's body.jpg
"Intimate Stranger" Steven L. Sears Gary Jones November 11, 1996
Callisto, with the help ofAres, stalks Xena in her dreams. Using Xena's guilt over her death, Callisto manages to switch bodies, leaving Xena in her place in Tartarus .
Ten Little Warlords TITLE.jpg
"Ten Little Warlords" Paul Robert Coyle Charles Siebert November 18, 1996
Without his sword, Ares is no longer a God, and can not put Xena back in her body or control anger in peaceful people.
A Solstice Carol TITLE.jpg
"A Solstice Carol" Chris Manheim John T. Kretchmer December 9, 1996
Xena and Gabrielle try to spread some holiday cheer to King Silvus, who has outlawed celebrating The Winter Solstice.
Xena Scrolls TITLE.jpg
"The Xena Scrolls" Robert Sidney Mellette Charlie Haskell January 13, 1997
Two archaeologists are in search for Gabrielle's scrolls, but find more than what they bargained for.
Normal missamphipolis 10.jpg
"Here She Comes... Miss Amphipolis" Chris Manheim Marina Sargenti January 20, 1997
Xena goes undercover in a beauty pageant to protect the contestants and find out who's trying to break the peace between 3 former enemies.
Destiny 02.jpg
"Destiny" Steven L. Sears, R.J. StewartRobert Tapert January 27, 1997
A fatally injured Xena enters a coma and remembers how she became the "Destroyer of Nations". Gabrielle seeks out a doctor from Xena's past.
Normal thequest 11.jpg
"The Quest" R.J. Stewart Michael Levine February 3, 1997
Xena, now in the spirit world, seeks out Autolycus to help get the Dagger of Helios so she can open the lock to the Ambrosia.
"A Necessary Evil" Paul Robert Coyle Mark Beesley February 10, 1997
After Velasca makes herself a God, she seeks out revenge on Gabrielle for not giving her the right of Caste. Xena and Gabrielle must team up with an old enemy to defeat Velasca.
"A Day in the Life" R.J. Stewart Michael Hurst February 17, 1997
Xena must protect two villages at the same time; one being invaded my a warlord, and the other one destroyed by a giant.
For Him the Bell Tolls TITLE.jpg
"For Him The Bell Tolls" Adam Armus, Nora Kay FosterJosh Becker February 24, 1997
When a prince and princess are united by Cupid, a selfish Aphrodite puts a spell on Joxer that makes him brave and irresistible to women in order to stop the wedding.
Normal theexecution 12.jpg
"The Execution" Paul Robert Coyle Garth Maxwell April 7, 1997
Gabrielle and Xena try to prove a man that saved Gabrielle's village innocent of murder.
Normal blindfaith 01.jpg
"Blind Faith" Adam Armus, Nora Kay FosterJosh Becker April 14, 1997
Gabrielle has been sold to a royal trap by a punk, and Xena forces the punk to help her save Gabrielle while gradually going blind in the process.
Xena s2 ulysses dArc 125.jpg
"Ulysses" R.J. Stewart Michael Levine April 21, 1997
Xena and Gabrielle aid Ulysses on crossing the sea after the Trojan War, and enduring Poseidon's wrath.
Xena s2 theprice dArc 553.jpg
"The Price" Steven L. Sears Oley Sassone April 28, 1997
Xena, consumed with hate, takes on The Horde, and puts her friendship with Gabrielle in danger.
Lost Mariner TITLE.jpg
"Lost Mariner" Steven L. Sears Garth Maxwell May 5, 1997
Gabrielle ends up on the cursed ship of Cecrops after being rescued from a shipwreck. The only escape from the cursed ship is death, unless Xena can end the curse.
A comedy of eros TITLE.jpg
"A Comedy of Eros" Chris Manheim Charles Siebert May 12, 1997
Bliss has stolen his father's bow and arrows, and causes havoc with Xena, Gabrielle, and Draco when all three of them are struck by the love-arrow.



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