Legendary Journeys

Season One of Xena: Warrior Princess aired from September 4th, 1995 ("Sins of the Past") to July 29th, 1996 ("Is There a Doctor in the House?"). The main idea of this Season was to introduce characters and set up storylines and backstorys.




No. in season No. overall Image Title Written by Directed by Original air date
1 1 SinsOfThePast.jpg "Sins of the Past" Rob Tapert & R.J Stewart Doug Lefler September 4, 1995
Xena saves a village from a warlord, Draco, as well as attracts the attention of a villager, Gabrielle. Xena journeys homeward determined to make amends for the sins of her past and vist her mother, Cyrene, but her efforts to begin a new life are challenged by the vengeful warlord Draco. She is also followed by a persistent Gabrielle.
2 2 ChariotsOfWar.jpg "Chariots of War" Josh Becker, Adam Armus, Nora Kay Foster & Jack Perez Harley Cokeliss September 11, 1995
Xena is hit by an arrow whilst defending a village, rendering her unable to stop their brutal attack. While she recuperates in the care of a local family, Gabrielle is left to fend for herself in a tavern while awaiting Xena's return and unknowingly befriends the person who shot Xena.
3 3 Dreamworker.jpg "Dreamworker" Steven L. Sears Bruce Seth Green September 18, 1995
Morpheus, God of Dreams, kidnaps Gabrielle and puts her in situations that are designed to force her to kill and lose her Blood Innocence. In order to save her, Xena must go through her own dreamscape and face demons of her past.
4 4 Cradleofhope.jpg "Cradle of Hope" Terrence Winter Michael Levine September 25, 1995
Xena and Gabrielle set out to find the parents of an abandoned baby and discover that the infant's been marked for death due to a prophecy declaring him a future threat to a local king. They also meet with the grand-daughter of Pandora.
5 5 PathNotTaken.jpg "The Path Not Taken" Julie Sherman Stephen L. Posey October 2, 1995
Xena is forced to join forces with a band of thieves and murderers (That she once was friends with) in order to rescue a young woman, whose marriage will join together two long feuding Kingdoms.
6 6 Reckoning.jpg "The Reckoning" Charles Siebert Peter Allan Fields October 16, 1995
Xena is framed for the murder of a group of villagers by Ares, God of War.
7 7 TheTitans.jpg "The Titans" Eric Brevig R.J. Stewart October 30, 1995
Gabrielle accidentally releases three Titans, who are tricked into thinking she is a God.
8 8 Prometheus1.jpg "Prometheus" Stephen L. Posey R.J. Stewart November 6, 1995
Xena and Gabrielle team up with Hercules and Iolaus to free Prometheus from the clutches of Hera.
9 9 DeathInChains.jpg "Death in Chains" Babs Greyhosky Adam Armus & Nora Kay Foster Charles Siebert November 13, 1995
Sisyphus has captured Celesta, and Hades has personally requested Xena to rescue her.
10 10 HoovesHarlots.jpg "Hooves and Harlots" Steven L. Sears Jace Alexander November 20, 1995
When Gabrielle protects a dying Amazon, she is given her 'rite-of-caste', which means that she will inherit all of Her belongings - and become an Amazon Princess. Meanwhile, Xena and the Amazon Ephiny must discover who killed Terreis before a Centaur is wrongly accused and sentenced to death.
11 11 BlackWolf.jpg "The Black Wolf" Alan Jay Glueckman Mario Di Leo January 8, 1996
Xena must find out who the Black Wolf is and free her friend's daughter, Flora, from prison.
12 12 BewareGreeksBearingGifts.jpg "Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts" Roy Thomas, Janis Hendler, Adam Armus & Nora Kay Foster T.J. Scott January 15, 1996
Xena and Gabrielle travel to the middle of the battlefield of the Trojan War, where Helen of Troy has called for Xena's help. Meanwhile, Gabrielle is reunited with Perdicus, the man that she was betrothed to back in Potedia.
13 13 AthensCityAcademy.jpg "Athens City Academy of the Performing Bards" R. J. Stewart & Steven L. Sears Jace Alexander January 22, 1996
Gabrielle applies for a place at the Athens City Academy in order to fulfill her dreams of becoming a travelling bard.
14 14 FistfulDinars.jpg "A Fistful of Dinars" R.J. Stewart & Steven L. Sears Josh Becker January 29, 1996
Xena and Gabrielle team up with a warlord, Petricles, and an assassin, Thersites, to recover the long-lost Samarian Treasure.
15 15 Warrior...Princess.jpg "Warrior... Princess" Brenda Lilly Michael Levine February 5, 1996
Xena is requested to protect the Princess Diana, daughter of King Lias. She is put at a great advantage when she comes face to face with the Princess.
16 16 MortalBeloved.jpg "Mortal Beloved" R.J. Stewart Garthy Maxwell February 12, 1996
Xena's old flame, Marcus, contacts her from the Underworld, informing her of a madman taking control and swapping the people of Tartarus and the Elysian Fields.
17 17 RoyalCouple.jpg "The Royal Couple of Thieves" Steven L. Sears John Cameron February 19, 1995
Xena asks for the help of Autolycus, the King of Thieves. She asks him to help her steal back the most powerful weapon in the world.
18 18 Prodigal.jpg "The Prodigal" Chris Manheim John T. Kretchmer March 4, 1996
Gabrielle gets homesick and goes back to Potedia to find some answers, only to disocver that the village has been targeted by a ruthless warlord.
19 19 AltaredStates.jpg "Altared States" Chris Manheim Michael Levine April 22, 1996
A boy is being sacrificed to a God by his own father. Xena begins to think outside the box and realises that the situation is a lot deeper than it seems.
20 20 TiesThatBind.jpg "Ties That Bind" Adam Armus &Nora Kay Foster Charles Siebert April 29, 1996
Xena saves a warrior who claims to be her father. Meanwhile, Ares manipulates a warlord into giving Xena his army.
21 21 GreaterGood.jpg "The Greater Good" Steven L. Sears Gary Jones May 6, 1996
Xena is hit with a poison dart and is unable to defend a village. Gabrielle and Salmoneus team up to defend the village, until Xena's condition gets worse.
22 22 Callisto (ep).jpg "Callisto" R.J. Stewart T.J. Scott May 13, 1996
When a village is attacked and ramsacked by a malicious female warrior and her army, who impersonates Xena. Xena investigates who is attacking in her name, and is once again reminded of the sins of her past when she learns Callisto is thirsty for revenge on for killing her family years ago.
23 23 DeathMask.jpg "Death Mask" Peter Allan Fields Stewart Main June 6, 1996
Xena comes face to face with Cortese, the warlord who attacked Xena's village and killed her younger brother, Lyceus. She is forced to team up with her oloder brother, Toris.
24 24 IsThereDoctor.jpg "Is There a Doctor in the House?" Patricia Manney T.J. Scott July 29, 1996
Xena and Gabrielle find a heavily pregnant Ephiny in the middle of the battlefield of a bloody civil war. The retreat to a healing temple and get envolved with the healing themselves.



Lucy Lawless as Xena
Renee O'Connor as Gabrielle
Kevin Smith as Ares
Ted Raimi as Joxer
Hudson Leick as Callisto

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