Legendary Journeys

"Xena, I fell down a hole."
"Yeah, what is it with you and holes, huh?

Gabrielle and Xena, "Paradise Found"

Harrison Preston was born on 24th July, 1994. He is better known by his username, "The True Sora", after the main character in the Kingdom Hearts series. He has been a user on the Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess encyclopedia, Legendary Journeys, since 10th October 2009, and was promoted to Administrator on 17th June 2010. He is very consistent with his work as are fellow admins, Scott Lukas Williams and (creator) Tim Thomason.

If there is one thing he loves more than anything, it's a detailed page, full of blue links and a strong amount of information, containing both text and images.

If there is one thing he hates more than anything, it's vandalism to the site. He feels that Scott, him and the rest of the community are working very hard to build articles, and he is known to take great offense to those that feel it necessary to ruin that hard work.

If you need a hand with anything, just ask, and he will get back to you as soon as he can.

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What I'm Doing Now[]

Harrison has just finished updating the Xena: Warrior Princess episode templates with the new fields that he'd added himself. He's also been adding in the "Wikipedia Templates," which are the templates that give links to an article's respective or relevant page on Wikipedia.

He has just started adding galleries to each of the episode pages for Xena: Warrior Princess. He is also generally just "cleaning up" around the Wiki, creating redlinks (usually to performers) and adding in templates.

He's also creating the "Story" sections for each of the articles using Microsoft Word, as it gives him the ability to do them bit by bit and due to his browser being immensely slow when editing the larger articles. As of January 2010, he has been composing the colossal story section of Xena.

My Favourite Images[]

<gallery widths="150" heights="150px" perrow="5" captionalign="center"> File:Xena AFIN II.jpg|My most favourite: Xena at the Teahouse in Jappa (XWP: "A Friend in Need II") File:Xena_Abyss.jpg|Xena fights the Cannibals (XWP: "The Abyss") File:Xena When Fates.jpg|Xena in the alternate reality (XWP: "When Fates Collide") File:Xena Caesar Alternate Reality.jpg|Xena and Julius Caesar in the alternate reality (XWP: "When Fates Collide") File:Power of the Mendi.jpg|Xena and Gabrielle apply the Mehndi (XWP: "Between the Lines") File:Xena Callisto Angel.jpg|Xena redeems Callisto (XWP: "Fallen Angel") File:Callisto Dies.jpg|"No more living for you." (XWP: "Sacrifice II") File:Xena and Herc.jpg|Hercules and Xena (promotional image) File:Xena fight the way.jpg|Xena fights Indrajit (XWP: "The Way") File:Mel Pappas.jpg|Melinda Pappas (XWP: "The Xena Scrolls") File:Xena Amarice Dagger End.jpg|Xena and Amarice (XWP: "Endgame") File:Judgment day 09.jpg|Xena helps out Hercules (HTLJ: "Judgment Day") File:Judgment day 03.jpg|Ares and Strife (HTLJ: "Judgment Day") File:Hope Sacrifice II.jpg|Hope (XWP: "Sacrifice II") File:Zeusxena2.jpg|Zeus (HTLJ: "Full Circle") File:Gabrielle Xena Coffin Quest.jpg|Gabrielle mourns Xena (XWP: "The Quest") File:Alti_Gab_Them_Bones.jpg|Alti and Gabrielle (XWP: "Them Bones, Them Bones") File:Alti_dead.jpg|Alti is killed by Xena (XWP: "Adventures in the Sin Trade II") File:Callisto_arrows_maternal.jpg|All shot up (XWP: "Maternal Instincts") File:Callisto Demonic Ides.jpg|She's back... (XWP: "The Ides of March") File:Callisto_the_demon.jpg|Evil as ever (XWP: "Fallen Angel") File:Cal guides eli.jpg|Callisto helps a confused Eli (XWP: "Seeds of Faith") File:Satrinabetrayscorinth.jpg|Satrina stabs Borias (XWP: "Past Imperfect") File:S3 deliverer 04.jpg|Gabrielle's first kill (XWP: "The Deliverer") File:Morrigan.jpg|Morrigan (HTLJ: "Darkness Rising") <gallery>