In "Two Men and a Baby"
Portrayed By Bruce Hopkins
Series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
First Appearance "Love on the Rocks"
Last Appearance "My Best Girl's Wedding"
Gender Male
Race God
Mother Amphitrite
Father Poseidon
Other Family Iolaus II (Son-In-Law)
Tethys (Maternal Grandmother)
Oceanus (Maternal Grandfather)
Rhea (Paternal Grandmother)
Kronos (Paternal Grandfather)
Uranus (Great-Grandfather)
Gaea (Great-Grandmother)
Hestia (Aunt)
Demeter (Aunt)
Hades (Uncle)
Persephone (Aunt/First Cousin)
Zeus (Uncle)
Hera (Aunt)
Polyphemus (Half-Brother/Half-Second Cousin)
Antaeus (Half-Brother/Great-Uncle)
Discord (First Cousin by Zeus and Hera)
Strife (First Cousin-once removed by Discord)
Hephaestus (First Cousin by Zeus and Hera)
Aphrodite (First Cousin-In-Law by Hephaestus)
Cupid (First Cousin-Once Removed by Aphrodite and Hephaestus)
Psyche (First Cousin-Once Removed-In-Law by Cupid)
Bliss (First Cousin-Twice Removed by Cupid and Psyche)
Deon (First Cousin-Once Removed by Aphrodite and Jacobus)
Jacobus (Father of Deon)

Triton is a sea god and son to Poseidon and Nautica's father. The source of his power is his Trident. Once, the Trident was stolen by pirates. Hercules and Aphrodite convinced the Cabiri to create a new one for Triton.

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