Portrayed By Joseph Kell
Created By Peter Allan Fields
Series Xena: Warrior Princess
Only Appearance "Death Mask"
Gender Male
Status Alive
Residence Amphipolis, Greece
Race Human
Affiliations Xena, Cyrene, Lyceus, Amphipolis, Cortese, Malik
Mother Cyrene
Brother(s) Lyceus
Sister(s) Xena
Other Family Grandmother, mentioned
Eve (niece)
Solan (nephew)
Professor Pappas (distant relation)
Melinda Pappas (distant relation)
Toris was a character on Xena: Warrior Princess. He was the older brother of Xena and Lyceus and the eldest child of Cyrene.

Toris' and Xena's relationship was never explored in great detail; they seemed to have a lot of angst between them (presumably due to Lyceus' death), and they didn't always agree. They spent a lot of time on their grandmother's farm with Lyceus, where she would tell them stories by the fire. During the attack on Amphipolis, Toris was one of the few villagers that retreated to the hills and didn't defend the village. This led to him blaming himself for Lyceus' death, convinced that he could have done something if he was there. Some time after Xena left Amphipolis, Toris went after Cortese for revenge. Once Toris found him, he joined his regiment and tried to work his way up the ranks, in hopes of getting close enough to kill him. He wasn't accepted as a true bandit in the group and showed no respect for Malik, Cortese's second-in-command.

Years later, Xena and Gabrielle were attacked by a group of men wearing Cortese's mask. After defeating them, they continued on, only to be confronted by Toris. Xena and him spoke about their differences (and mutual love for Lyceus), where they decided to work together to bring down Cortese. Xena constantly told Toris that he wouldn't get the satisfaction he thought by killing Cortese, but he chose not to listen and continued to set his heart on doing so. They arranged a meeting with the king of a local village who was at war with Cortese. They discovered that there may be a spy in the castle who is working with Cortese. Upon meeting the King, they discovered that he was in fact Cortese himself. After being held captive in the castle and escaping, the two of them came face to face with Cortese and exposed his secret identity. Xena warned Toris one time that he would regret killing Cortese, but gave him the decision. Toris finally listened to his sister and decided to let him live. Upon defeating Cortese, Toris decided to return home to Cyrene in Amphipolis.