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The timeline is the way in which events occur chronologically.

After discovering the Kronos stone, Hercules warned Autolycus not to mess with the timeline. (HTLJ: "The End of the Beginning")

Most Gods have the ability to alter the timeline as they need, although they rarely practice it. Some notable examples include:

Background informationEdit

The timeline, as presented in Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Xena: Warrior Princess, and Young Hercules, is grossly inconsistent with real-life events. For example, the series show Gilgamesh (who historically lived circa 2700 BCE) and Caligula (12-41 CE) as contemporaries. According to some scholars, the mythological Heracles existed in the mid 1200s BCE.

The episode "Send in the Clones" explicitly places the time of Xena and Gabrielle's death as between the 1000 BCE and 1 CE. The episode "Once Upon a Future King" is more exact, however. The events of that episode occur "1000 winters" before 500 CE. This places the events in the year 501 BCE.

Comparative Timeline
Year Events OUAFK date Caesar's death Jesus's birth Hercules's "death"
Year -10 Young Hercules film
Young Hercules series
515 BCE 58 BCE 12 BCE 1235 BCE
Year -9 Young Hercules series
Hercules and the Amazon Women
Hercules and the Lost Kingdom
514 BCE 57 BCE 11 BCE 1234 BCE
Year -8 "10 Winters Ago" from "Destiny" 513 BCE 56 BCE 10 BCE 1233 BCE
Year -7 Hercules and the Circle of Fire 512 BCE 55 BCE 9 BCE 1232 BCE
Year -1 Hercules in the Underworld
Hercules in the Maze of the Minotaur
506 BCE 49 BCE 3 BCE 1226 BCE
Year 0 HTLJ S1-S2, XWP S1 505 BCE 48 BCE 2 BCE 1225 BCE
Year 1 HTLJ S2-S3, XWP S1-S2 504 BCE 47 BCE 1 BCE 1224 BCE
Year 2 HTLJ S3-S4, XWP S2-S3 503 BCE 46 BCE 1 CE 1223 BCE
Year 3 HTLJ S4-S5, XWP S3-S4 502 BCE 45 BCE 2 CE 1222 BCE
Year 4 HTLJ S5-S6, XWP S4-S5 501 BCE 44 BCE 3 CE 1221 BCE
Year 5 XWP S5 500 BCE 43 BCE 4 CE 1220 BCE
Year 30 XWP S5-S6 475 BCE 18 BCE 29 CE 1195 BCE
Year 31 XWP S6 474 BCE 17 BCE 30 CE 1194 BCE
Year 32 XWP S6 473 BCE 16 BCE 31 CE 1193 BCE

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