Legendary Journeys

Theia was a titan and the daughter of Gaea and Uranus. She was one of the many titans turned to stone when the Olympians won the war against them ages ago. Theia was released by Gabrielle many years later. She was interested in renewing her relationship with Hyperion , but decided to wait until the immediate work of assisting the villagers was done. Theia had a neutral opinion of humanity. She was later turned back to stone by Gabrielle. (XWP "The Titans"). Theia and her husband were the parents of Selene, Helios and Eos.



  • Theia was played by Amanda Tollemache.
  • Based on her second name, Euryphaessa, Theia was associated with wide expanses and with brightness, though as with most of the titans, details on what she actually represented are hazy at best.
  • The name "Theia" simply means "goddess" in Ancient Greek. Why a titaness would have that name is a mystery lost to time.