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The Wedding of Alcmene
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Alcmene and Jason
Series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
Season 2
Antagonist Patronius, Blue Priest, Hera
Setting Corinth
In-Universe Date Year 1
Production # 876822
Filming Dates 29 January to 7 February 1996
Original Air-Date 29 April 1996
Written By John Schulian
Directed By Timothy Bond
Episode Chronology
Order in Series 34 of 111
Order in Season 21 of 24
Order in Franchise 58 of 304
Previous Episode in Series "Protean Challenge"
Next Episode in Series "The Power"
Previous Episode in Franchise "Altared States"
Next Episode in Franchise "Ties That Bind"
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Alcmene comes looking for Hercules and Iolaus to tell him she is getting married to Jason. Hercules is shocked by the news. The three travel onto Corinth to meet with Jason. In Corinth, Jason's adviser Patronius tells him that if he marries a commoner he cannot continue to reign as king. Hercules voices his concerns about the marriage to Jason, but Jason tells him they can talk about it later. In the castle, Patronius is visited by the Blue Priest, who has been brought back to life by Hera. He plans to have Hercules killed at Alcmene's wedding.

While looking for fabric to make her wedding dress, a woman named Sera approaches Alcmene and says she has heard she and Jason cannot marry at the castle. She suggests they use her uncle's gardens and Alcmene says she will tell Jason. Elsewhere, in Corinth, Hercules and Iolaus run into Phoebe, Archivus, and Domesticles of the Argonauts and Hercules discovers that Jason has to give up his crown to marry Alcmene. Jason confirms that it is true, and Hercules apologizes for being upset about wedding. Jason tells Hercules he wants him to take his place as king of Corinth. Hercules says he is honored but declines the offer. The Blue Priest arranges some mercenaries to kill Hercules at Alcmene's wedding. Jason sends Iolaus off to get someone else who can take his place as king.

Meanwhile, Iolaus meets Dirce and invites her to the wedding and he takes her with him to find the mystery guest. Jason and Alcmene go to look at the gardens where they agree to have the wedding. While heading back to Corinth, Hercules, Jason and Alcmene are ambushed by the mercenaries. Hercules and Jason fight them, but when the finish they realize that Alcmene is missing. They find her fighting one of the mercenaries, whom she knocks down a hill. At the gardens, the Blue Priest stands atop a stone monument chanting. In the sea below, a huge monster stirs. As the wedding guests arrive, Hercules is told by Phoebe that Echidna can't come since she is pregnant. Later at the wedding festivities, Hercules is looking for Amphion (who will be performing the ceremony) and he meets Deric who says he recognizes Sera, but then puts it down to his memory playing tricks. Jason and Alcmene arrive and wedding guests go to the gardens.

At the gardens, the Blue Priest prepares everything for Hercules's death. As Jason and Alcmene prepare to marry, Hercules wonders where Iolaus is. Jason proclaims that Hercules's brother Iphicles is to be the new king of Corinth. Jason passes the crown over to Iphicles and pronounces the new king of Corinth.

Deric recognizes Sera as a spy for Hera at the Slaughter of Biblos and tells Hercules. As Amphion prepares to marry Jason and Alcmene, the sea monster Perfidia appears and the guests flee. The waiters at the wedding are revealed to be mercenaries and they attack the guests. Iphicles, Jason, Iolaus and Hercules fight them. Jason is caught by Perfidia and as it swallows Jason, Hercules jumps into its open mouth to save Jason.

Inside Perfidia, Hercules tells Jason, "I've been inside one of these before." Back at the wedding, Alcmene hits Sera, sending her flying into the wedding cake, calling her a "treacherous little witch." Inside the monster, Hercules and Jason make their way through the creature. Iolaus fight with the Blue Priest, who calls for Hera's help and jumps into the sea. While Hercules and Jason try to get out of Perfidia's stomach, it is being attacked by another sea monster. They make their way to the creature's mouth and escape to the surface.

Later with everyone safe and the mercenaries taken care of, Amphion marries Jason and Alcmene. Hercules gets surprised when Salmoneus actually shows up.


"In memory of Jerry Siegel."




Background Information[]

  • Both the Blue Priest and Iolaus reference the former's death by Hercules in the movie.
  • Starting with this episode, Jason is established as royalty of Corinth. His first appearance had seen him as king of Argos instead. In a rare change for H:TLJ, this is actually closer to mythology, where Jason was originally king of Ioklos but later ruled Corinth.
  • The idea that Jason would have to give up his throne to marry Alcmene would have been hysterical to the ancient Greeks. Aside from the fact that there was no law barring kings from marrying commoners, Alcmene was no commoner: she was the granddaughter of Perseus on her father's side and great-granddaughter of Tantalus on her mother's.
  • Echidna and Typhon were invited to the wedding, but were unable to attend because the former was pregnant. Their newest child would be seen in "Monster Child in the Promised Land".
  • The wedding was filmed at Michael Joseph Savage Memorial Park, Auckland New Zealand.

Memorable Quotations[]

"Who's going to save you now?"
"Aren't you supposed to be dead? Hercules chopped your head off."
"Hera didn't approve."

Blue Priest and Iolaus

Jason: "Oh, if something happened to her—"
Hercules: "We'll find her, Jason."
Alcmene: "Take that! Coward!"
Thug: "Oh, go-od! No!"
Hercules: "Ha-ha. Uh, Mother, what are you doing?"
Alcmene: "Oh! I haven't had this much fun in years!"
Jason: "I was so worried about you!"
Alcmene: "Now, you know how I felt when I was watching the two of you. So, I've gotta get back to Corinth. I've gotta finish sewing my wedding dress."
Jason: "Now, I know who gave you your fighting heart."
Hercules: "Ouch."

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