The Treasure of Zeus: Part 1
Series Young Hercules
Season 1
In-Universe Date Year -10
Original Air-Date 12 September 1998
Episode Chronology
Order in Series 1 of 50
Order in Season 1 of 50
Order in Franchise 158 of 304
Next Episode in Series "Between Friends: The Treasure of Zeus, Part 2"
Previous Episode in Franchise "Sacrifice II"
Next Episode in Franchise "Between Friends: The Treasure of Zeus, Part 2"
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After the events of the Young Hercules movie, Ares & Strife plot to destroy Hercules

Strife goes 'undercover' at the academy, as a cadet named Nysus, and tells Hercules of a chalice that Zeus gave to Hera on their wedding day. Strife tells Hercules that the chalice just sits in a cave. Hercules decides he will take the chalice from the cave and return it to Zeus.

Hercules sneaks out of the academy, only to be caught by Jason and Iolaus. When asked where he is going, Hercules simply says to a cave to retrieve a chalice. He never mentions it is Hera's chalice.

The boys get to the cave a notice there is a big wooden Phoenix statue perched on the top of it. They enter the cave, side-step a few booby-traps, and reach the chalice.

Iolaus wants to see what's in it, and when he sees it's only water, he dumps it out, on the altar it was on, and hands the chalice to Hercules.

It wasn't water, it was some sort of 'gasoline' because next thing you know the altar bursts into flames and the guys high tail it out of there and run back to the acadmey.

After the smoke clears, the Phoenix comes to life and flies after them.

The boys reach the academy and then hear the Phoenix screeching. Iolaus grabs the chalice and heads for the academy doors. The Phoenix catches him. The Phoenix takes the chalice in one claw, and Iolaus in the other.

Hercules tries to save Iolaus by lassoing the Phoenix. Hercules manages to get the Phoenix to drop Iolaus, but is carried away by the Phoenix.

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