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Gods (Goddesses when female), are extremely powerful, immortal beings that rule large portions of the Earth. Most gods are described as being part of a family or pantheon, and some of them rely on their mortal devotees for worship. All pantheons descend directly or indirectly of forces of nature like the Primordials or Titans or the Giants frost, all pantheons may have common ancestors.

Most of the gods, are born with a power or special talent or affinity with some element or aspect of life, this determines its title. Gods have an array of Powers and Abilities, typically related to a specific theme or aspect of mortal life, or aspect of nature, such as war, love, wisdom, luck, seas, light or death.

Only a small number of artifacts have the power to kill a god, such as The Chakram of Light, the Rib of Kronos, the Dagger of Helios and anything that has been coated in the blood of a Hind, for example the Hind's Blood Dagger. Gods of sufficient power are also capable of killing one another, though such action is usually prohibited within their various pantheons.

Gods from different pantheons have differences between,  power levels and behaviors. For example, Olympians are largely indestructible, while the Asgardians are more susceptible to death. Olympians generally control fundamental aspects of the world, such as love and death, while the Asgardian and Sumerian gods have more localized portfolios but can control worldly aspects equal to the Olympians. Hindu gods are greatly entwined in the spiritual lives of their worshippers, while the Olympians respond to prayers on a case by case basis.

Most Pantheons are no longer worshipped by mortals after the Twilight of the Gods, but some of them are still worshipped in the present world by many people like in the case of the Hindu pantheon. The reason behind this could be that the Hindu gods, rarely intervenes in the lives of his worshipers, but instead they are more spiritual in nature and also more compassionate.


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