Legendary Journeys

Use this template for your user page.


{{Template:User Infobox
|User Name = 
|image = 
|Caption = 
|Real Name = 
|Date of Birth = 
|Age = 
|Location = 
|Prefered Show = 
|Favourite Heroes = 
|Favourite Villians = 
|Favourite Episodes = 


Remember, you do not have to fill in certain parts if you do not want to; It's just for show and for fun.

User Name = Put your User Name here.

Image = Place an image of anything you want here - It can be of you, a character etc. It can be of absolutely anything, but keep it clean.

Caption = Use this to cite where you are, who the character is, where they are from etc.

Real Name = Place your real name here.

Date of Birth = Place your date of birth here.

Age = Insert your age here.

Location = Place you location here. It should be the City and then Country. For example: "Paris, France" or "Sydney, Australia".

Affiliations = Insert any characters, countries, objects etc. that the character has a strong relationship with here. They can be both villianous and hero. Seperate them with commas.

Prefered Show = Out of either of the three shows in the Xenaverse, choose the one that you would prefer to watch

Favourite Heroes = Insert your favourite Heroes here. They must be characters that have had some form of protagonistic role on either of the shows.

Favourite Villians = Insert your favourite Villians here. They must be characters that have had some form of antagonistic role on either of the shows.

Favourite Episodes = Insert your favourite episodes here. You can include episodes from a mix of the shows, but seperate by wrapping the name of the show in bold and then seperate with break tags. For example:

'''Xena: Warrior Princess'''<br>"[[Sins of the Past]]"<br>"[[Fins, Femmes and Gems]]"<br>'''Hercules: The Legendary Journeys'''<br>"[[The Apple]]"<br>"[[Ressurection]]"