Legendary Journeys

The Telaquire Amazon Tribe was one of the major tribes of the scattered Amazon Nation. Originally nomadic, the Telaquire Amazons settled lands about a day-and-a-half from Corinth, across the river from a kinrah of Centaurs.[1]

Under Queen Cyane, the tribe became allies of a teenage Hercules, during which Cyane and Hercules developed a romantic relationship. Unfortunately, the Amazons were occasionally made pawns by the Gods such as Ares, usually in order to kill the demigod. This led to many misunderstandings and challenges between Hercules and the Telaquire Amazons.

Over time, the tribe grew, and Melosa eventually assumed the mantle of Queen. When Queen Melosa was murdered by Velasca, Gabrielle of Potedia became Queen by default, due to the "Rite of Caste" given by Melosa's younger sister, Terreis. Gabrielle, unwilling to stay and serve, left the Queenship in the capable hands of Ephiny. When Queen Ephiny was killed in battle by the Roman Brutus, Gabrielle again became Queen by default, until again surrendering it to Queen Chilapa. The tribe goes through many trials and tribulations over the years and after the 25 years of Xena and Gabrielle's dormancy they combine with other scattered tribes to attempt to reform the Amazon Nations.


Other notable Telaquire Amazons[]