Portrayed By Alex Reekers
Renée O'Connor
Appearance "Devi"
Affiliations Rama, Maya, Gabrielle, Eli, Xena
Series Xena: Warrior Princess
Cause of Death Exorcised from Gabrielle
Tataka was a character on Xena: Warrior Princess. She was an evil demon, who decieved the peoples of India into sending them to help the slaughter against the great god Rama. She'd win the favor of her people by doing good deeds before ultimately victimizing them. When she died (presumably slain by Rama), her spirit lived on and had the power to possess others.

The Artwork of Tataka

She possessed Maya, the assistant of Eli, who was cured by Eli and then the spirit entered Gabrielle. Xena and a reluctant Eli cast the demon out of Gabrielle.

Tataka is a character from the Indian epic Ramayana. Originally a Yaksha (nature spirit), she is the grandmother of the demon king Ravana, and thus the great-grandmother of Indrajit.