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Tartarus is part of the Underworld. It is home to the souls of those Greeks and Romans who lived evil lives. Tartarus is also where the Titans that fought against the Olympian gods were imprisoned. Parts of Tartarus are accessible to visitors from the living realm, likely as a test to prove their worth.

In "The Other Side," Hercules and Iolaus traveled through Tartarus to rescue Persephone from Hades and they had an encounter with Tantalus

In his battle with Hera in the episode "Reunions," Hercules managed to throw Hera into Tartarus- a room in Olympus apparently reached all the way down. Zeus said, when kronos created the prison of Tartarus, the key to opening the door, was a paradox, the power of a god and the innocence of a child  Evander ).Hera was later freed from Tartarus by Zeus and Evander.

Although all manner of evil deeds could lead to consignment to Tartarus, those who committed the foulest of all evils were banished to Hell instead.

In Greek mythology, Tartarus is the deepest part of the underworld: Hesiod stated that an anvil falling from the summit of Olympus would take seven days to fall to the mortal world, as well as another seven days to fall to the gates of Tartarus. It was reserved for the titans and those who committed offenses against the gods.

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