Legendary Journeys

Tarlus was a solider. He fought alongside Iolaus for King Pelos at the Battle of Peltros. When King Pelos was under attack, Tarlus left Iolaus' back to save the king. Pelos was so embarrassed that he swore Tarlus to secrecy about the incident. Though he felt badly about leaving Iolaus, he could not reveal the reason for many years.

Later, Tarlus fell in love with Ramina, a woman that Pelos' son, Beraeus, was also attracted to. As prince of Zebron, Beraeus ordered Ramina to marry him. To prevent the wedding, Tarlus staged a kidnapping. Beraeus asked Hercules and Iolaus to help him retrieve Ramina but once the heroes realized that she was in love with Tarlus they stopped the wedding between Ramina and Beraeus.

Tarlus was kind to both men and beasts. He forged a special relationship with the Primords who lived near Zebron. They helped him to retrieve Ramina from Beraeus.