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We haven't really created a style guide for this wiki (I think that's something Harrison and I should get to) but I think this gallery has too many images for a character who only appears in two episodes. When I create galleries for episodes and characters (except the main four, gods, etc.) I've been limiting the images to 16 per gallery. This one seems to have many that are quite similar. What does everyone else think? --Scottlukaswilliams 03:19, July 21, 2011 (UTC)

I think the more information and images a character's page has, the better... as long as it's organized, of course! I mean, this Wiki is a place were you expect to find almost everything about the series, so it would be really cool to search for someone or something, and find just what you've been expecting in a really complete way. Even if it's a character with one single appearance, or two, I think it's good to open his/her wiki page, and get all the info you've ever wanted. Now, about the pictures... yeah, there's plenty of them, and some are even similar to others, but if you like to collect and save photos, you'll notice there are differentiating details in all of them. So yeah, in my personal opinion, I think it would be great to search for whatever character you'd like to see or read about, and get a really complete entry, such as this one... but you know, that's just my point of view. Umm... btw, sorry if my reply sounds kind of rude, but believe me, I'm trying my best to write my opinion in English in a clear way 'cause I'm a native Spanish speaker. --Thredith

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