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Strife, the self-proclaimed God of Skirmishes and strife, is the nephew of Ares, cousin of Deimos and, though never mentioned. ( Presumably son of Discord for some fans )

Being a minor god, Strife constantly tried to prove himself to his "Uncle Ares" by helping him in his various plots as well as his schemes to kill or hurt Hercules. It had been revealed that if Ares were to ever die or become mortal, Strife would move up in the hierarchy as God of War though he constantly batted with Discord for the position.

Strife was one of the first gods that Young Hercules had to deal with during his time as a teenager, though Hercules defeated him each and every time.

Strife was a trickster. He often took the form of mortals to cause strife. He took the form of an Agitator to stir villagers against the last Golden Hind when he knew that Hercules was in love with her. Later, he lured Hercules' son Aeson out of the Elysian Fields and into Tartarus. There, he chained the boy and took his form to try to hurt Hercules (HTLJ "When a Man Loves a Woman").

Strife's one great accomplishment came when he murdered Hercules' wife Serena. With help from Morpheus he was able to enter the hero's dreams causing Hercules to kill Serena in his sleep (HTLJ "Judgment Day").

When Hercules used the Kronos Stone to go back in time, Strife tried to kill the hero with an arrow covered in the blood of a Golden Hind. Strife's aim was good and Hercules was taken down by the arrow but survived. Luckily, Serena was nearby and was able to use her powers to heal Hercules (HTLJ "The End of the Beginning").

Soon after, Strife was killed by Callisto with the Hind's Blood Dagger (HTLJ "Armageddon Now").


Strife wears a complete outfit made of black leather and what looks like silver safety pins holding it together. What little skin shows is extremely pale. He has short spiked and messy black hair and very pale blue eyes. In the series Young Hercules, in the first episode, he takes the form of Nysus Gaius in which his clothing changes completely. He wears a gray tail-jacket, a sleeveless orange shirt with dark orange stripes, and a gray pair of pants with a brown, leather belt. His hair is not messy and spiky, but combed to the side elegantly with only a few locks falling above his right eye.

Powers & Abilities[]

Strife has the basic range of Powers and Abilities of olympian, he demonstrated many powers, like other gods.  Strife has the ability to cause conflict & struggle between mortals so that they misjudge a situation or always disagrees and cause conflict as well as committing an act of violence.


  • For some fans, Discord is Strife's supposed mother, but Strife never referred to Discord as his mother. The reason for this theory is because that Discord is based on Eris (Roman: Discordia) who is Ares' sister both in the show and in myth.
  • Strife is shown to actually be quite intelligent when given time to think things through, as shown when he came up with the plan to kill Serena on his own. He also immediately recognized Callisto as untrustworthy, despite Ares’ fascination and attraction for her getting in the way of his senses.
  • In one episode of Young Hercules, Strife mentions that Discord is a millennium older than he.
  • In Greek mythology, Eris was the goddess of strife.
  • Strife's death is very problematic for the future shown in "Yes, Virginia, There is a Hercules". Although fans have attempted to reconcile this with the possibility that Ares freed him from the Pits of Tartarus (where the Olympians go when they die), no official explanation has been provided.