After, Nemesis, the Goddess of divine retribution, failed to kill a man responsible for stealing oil from the temple of  Hera, to keep his sick child warm, Hera sent Stregna to finish the job, and take the title of Nemesis,as goddess of divine retribution as a reward, Nemesis who had joined forces with a young Hercules and stregna failed his mision, and returned to be Hera servant.

Stregna, presumably has the basic powers of an olympic god, but does not have a special power or talent. In Greek myth, there is no goddess called stregna.

Powers & abilities  demonstrated

Teleportation: She can teleport in a flash of  dark green light.

Hair like Whip: Stregna has a long braid and is used as a whip, with the power to destroy rocks. 

Voice Imitation: She imitateded the voice of Hercules.

Invisiblilidad: Iolaos and Jason couldn't see it.

Control of tree branches: with their braid, they catch Iolaus and Jason.



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