Legendary Journeys
Strange World
Strange world gateway.jpg
Gateway to the Strange World
Series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
First Appearance "Stranger in a Strange World"
Last Appearance "Stranger and Stranger"
Location A parallel universe
Inhabitants Alcmene, Aphrodite, Ares, Callisto, Cheiron, Cupid, Empress, Falafel, Frailus, Gabrielle, Gravus, Head Guard, Hera, Hortius, Iolaus, Joxer, Prisoner, Soldier #1, Soldier #2, Sovereign, Xena, Zeus

The Strange World is an alternate universe in which there is a counterpart for every mortal and god living in our universe. In many cases, the counterparts are vastly different from the primary versions. Whenever a person in one reality is killed or injured, the counterpart in the other is similarly afflicted. The Gateway to the Strange World was first opened by accident when Zeus threw a lightning bolt to separate Hercules and Ares to stop them from fighting. The lightning bolt hit Ares' sword and caused a rift to open between the two realities allowing Iolaus II to come through (HTLJ "Stranger in a Strange World").


  • The alternate universe was never referred to as "Strange World"/"Strange Universe/"Strange Reality" on-screen. The name obviously comes from "Strange" in the featured episodes' titles.
  • Though not directly stated in the series, it is unlikely that the phenomenon of one character dying when his counterpart is killed was the result of special circumstances. Otherwise characters from our universe would be dying all the time for no apparent reason.

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