Series Xena: Warrior Princess
Only Appearance Animal Attraction
Location Greece
Inhabitants Talia

Spamona is a village in Xena: Warrior Princess. It reminds of the western cowboys and the village has a sheriff instead of a king, it's a small village but has a lot to offer. Something special with this village, is that most of the inhabitants are wearing similar hats to what the cowboys are wearing. The village has a tavern, a food shop, a medicine house, a blacksmith, a horse stable, weapon shop, flower stand and more. Spamona also offers massage and spa for some relaxing since it's honored for its hot springs.


  • Talia has probably lived here for a long time, since when she rode with Xena was ten years ago.
  • Arman said that he was only passing through Spamona when he talked with Joxer at the spa.
  • Spamona seems to be located in the Alps, as implied by the terrain and the sudden change in climate from the previous episode, which was implied to be set somewhere in Italy.

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