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The seven deadly sins are the seven vices that are considered by Christians to be the immoral objects that would class one as a "sinner" if they were to give into them.

Xena manipulated the Archangel Lucifer into giving into each of them, in order for him to take her place as the Royal Ruler of Hell.

The Seven Sins consist of: Pride, Gluttony, Greed, Lust, Sloth, Envy and Wrath.

Xena and LuciferEdit

In the episode "Heart of Darkness," Xena tricks Lucifer into giving in to the seven deadly sins.


Lucifer springs the attack towards Xena, while saying that he is destined to become the household name who sends Xena to Hell. When Xena retaliates and took the upper hand, she gave Lucifer the chance to be remembered by history. As it seems that Lucifer is proud of his doings and believes that it should be remembered by the descendants.


Lucifer takes full advantage of the Picnic that Xena prepared.


Xena tells Lucifer that she can give him the World, something that he desires.


Lucifer finds himself Lusting after Xena when she dances seductively in the party.


Lucifer feels relaxed when he enjoys the egyptian massage Xena is giving him.


At the conversation between Michael, Raphael and Lucifer, Lucifer is obviously desiring to become a Seraphim. During the picnic with Xena, his envy towards the position becomes even obvious with her intriguing words of temptation for powers.


When Lucifer realises that Xena has had him committed six out of the seven deadly sins, he felt overwhelmed with wrath, as well as exclaims that she will feel his Wrath forever: he gives in to anger rather than turning from his path.


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