Legendary Journeys

Seska is the daughter of the Telaquire Amazon, Lilith and former King of Corinth, Jason.

Her parents had a relationship during their time at Cheiron's Academy (Young Hercules). After they graduated, Lilith went back to her Amazon tribe and Jason became King of Corinth and an Argonaut. Lilith gave birth to Seska without ever telling Jason so that she may grow strong as an Amazon and make her own decision about wanting to know her father.

When Seska became a teenager, Lilith sent her to train at Cheiron's Academy during a time when rebellious teenagers took over. Hearing about the problems, Lilith, along with Hercules, Jason and Iolaus II visited whipped everyone back into shape. Through this incident, Seska got to know her father for the first time. (Hercules: The Legendary Journeys: "The Academy")

Lilith and Seska soon settled in a town near the Academy, but Seska had difficulty making friends. She eventually joined an illegal coven of witches consisting of local girls Helah and Sariah – the entire group being manipulated, somewhat unsurprisingly, by Discord. After Haleh threw Hercules in jail and cast a spell on Iolaus, Seska realized how dangerous Haleh was and helped Hercules defeat her. Seska later arranged for Discord to testify that she had been behind the troubles the town was facing so that Hercules's name could be cleared. Their final meeting showed that Seska and Sariah intended t use their natural talent for witchcraft responsibly.(Hercules: The Legendary Journeys: "A Wicked Good Time")

Behind the Scenes[]

  • Jodie Rimmer previously played Seska's mother Lilith on Young Hercules; the reason for the casting is obvious.
  • Perhaps coincidentally, Seska is also the name of a recurring antagonist on Star Trek: Voyager. The two characters have little in common besides the name.
  • Technically, she is Hercules's stepsister, but this is glossed over.