Ra, Pantheon Pandemonium.jpg
The Almighty Ra
Series HTLJ, XWP
First Appearance XWP comic: "Sacrifice"
Last Appearance XWP comic: "Undead Reckoning"
Gender Male
Also Known As King of the Gods
Lord Ra-Horakhty
Son(s) Gilgamesh


Other Family Geb Great Grandson

Nut Great Granddaughter

Osiris Great Great Grandson Isis Great Great Granddaughter

Seth Great Great Grandson

Horus Great Great Great Grandson

Anubis Great Great Great Grandson

Ra, also known as Ra-Horakhty[1], was the almighty King of both the Egyptian[2] and Sumerian Gods. He was the father of Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh blamed Ra for allowing his wife and child to be killed while Gilgamesh was away at war. In anger, Gilgamesh turned to Dahak.[3]

With the other Egyptian gods, Ra banished the god Set to the Egyptian underworld.[4]

According to Dumuzi, the Sumerian Gods all perished when the Chalice of the Gods was destroyed by Gilgamesh under Dahak's orders.[5]

However, Ra had survived. Alongside Isis, Osiris, and Anubis, Ra made a rare appearance in Egypt to prevent the reawakening of the evil god Set at the Tomb of the Ancients.[4]

Contest of PantheonsEdit

In another reality, created after Gabrielle brought back Xena from her final death with a boon from C'thulon[6], Ra was tricked by Anubis into declaring war on the Greek Gods after Autolycus stole a necklace belonging to Isis. Ra himself led aerial attacks on Greek villages.[7]

In order to calm the war and maintain their worshippers, Zeus invited Ra and the Egyptian gods to Olympus, to observe a "contest of champions," with mortals fighting to the death to declare which Pantheon was superior. Zeus chose Gabrielle as the Champion of the Greeks, while Ra chose Fierosis as Champion of the Egyptians. When Autolycus tricked Zeus into allowing himself, Xena, and Joxer to serve as champion, Ra added four Apis to join Fierosis in the battle.[1] He was critical of Xena's plan of attack, which he thought appeared to be "cowardice."[8]

When Anubis sent his Army of the Dead to attack and capture the Greek champions, Zeus became outraged at the supposed betrayal by Ra and sent his Proxidicae to detain Ra. Easily defeating the Proxidicae, Ra pleaded ignorance in Anubis' scheme, but was then taken into custody when the Army of the Dead and Anubis stormed Olympus, with Anubis proclaiming himself Supreme god over both pantheons. After Xena killed Anubis, Ra was freed and declared himself and the Egyptians as friends to the Greek gods.[9]

As the King of All Egyptian and Sumerian Gods Ra is equally as powerful as Zeus himself so the powers that Ra have are.

Immortality: all Gods has the ability to live infinite life span as well as immunity to all sorts of diseases.

Invincibility: As the most powerful of all the Egyptian and Sumerian Gods Ra is invincible to all sorts of weapons (swords,axes,crossbows) as well as all magical powers from the Gods.

Atmokinesis: All Gods has the power to control and manipulate the weather bring out storms , tornadoes ,rains and Lightning.

Healing: Ra as the most powerful of all Egyptian and Sumerian Gods has the ability to heal wounds but he can't heal mortal wounds , .

Lightning/lightning Bolts: Ra has the power to control and shoot very powerful lightning by throwing it from his hands.

Pyrokinesis: Ra has the power to control and manipulate fire whether by throwing Fire or Fireballs he used this power on Zeus's proxidicae when Zeus himself ordered to detain him he burned them alive proven to be justr as powerful as Zeus himself.

Teleportation: Ra has the ability to teleport to any place whatever he sees fit by turning into lightning either on earth.

Superhuman Strength: Ra as the most powerful of all Olympians can send people flying as well as gods.

Telekinesis: Ra has the ability to move objects & mortals with his mind.

Divine Magic: Being the most powerful of all Gods Zeus the powerful Divine powers like:

  • Reality warping: Ra can do almost anything he desires.
  • Removal&Bestowal All Godly powers: Ra being the most powerful of all Olympians has the powers to give and remove all sorts of Magical powers the Gods Have.
  • Portal Creation: Ra has the power to create portals leading to other Dimensions.
  • Mind Control: Ra has the power to control people's mind.
  • Illusions: Ra has the power to create Illusions.
  • Conjuration; Ra has the power to conjure anything and any power in existence except bringing mortals back from the dead.
  • Power to kill Gods: Ra being the most powerful of all Egyptian and Sumerian Gods has the power to kill them.
  • Shapeshifting: Ra has the power to alter his appearance so that he can look like any one he desires

Time Manipulation: All Gods has the power to manipulate time whether can travel back & forward in time or freezing time itself.

Invisibility: All Gods have the power to make themselves invisible to all mortals they can't be seen or heard by them.


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Background informationEdit

In Egyptian mythology, Ra (often identified as Amen-Ra, Ra-Atum, or Ra-Horakhty), is the great-great-grandfather of Set, Osiris, and Isis, the great-great-great grandfather of Anubis and Horus, and either the son or the father of Thoth. Although all these gods have appeared, their relationships with one another was not stated in the Xenaverse.

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