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Psyche was the daughter of the innkeeper Holidus, known for her incredible beauty. As she grew older, many suitors asked for her hand in marriage but she refused them, hoping to fall in love. She had feelings for Hercules, which he did not share until he was accidentally shot by one of Cupid's Arrows. Cupid was in love with Psyche and when he saw Hercules courting her he became jealous and turned into a Green-Eyed Monster. As the monster, Cupid kidnapped Psyche and took her to Hephaestus' Cathedral. In the meantime, Hercules found a way to escape the power of the arrow and Psyche came to realize that Cupid was in love with her.

Fearing their love would cause Cupid harm, Aphrodite turned Psyche into an old woman. But Cupid loved her anyway and Hercules convinced Aphrodite to give Psyche ambrosia to make her immortal so the couple could live together happily.[1]

On Olympus, Psyche and Cupid would marry and conceive a son, Bliss. When Bliss escaped their home, she searched all of Olympus for him, before Cupid found him in a Grecian village.[2]


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Psyche was unnamed in "A Comedy of Eros," but the Hercules & Xena Roleplaying Game revealed her as the mother of Bliss.

In classical mythology, Psyche is usually referred to as the Goddess of the Soul ("Psyche" being Greek for Soul), but her godly domain (if any) was unrevealed in the Xenaverse.