Legendary Journeys

The Primordials were an ancient race of powerful beings greater than titans and gods, the primordial ones are seen as ancient gods and as forces of nature, who ruled the Earth before being displaced by the Titans and gods more younger.


Primordials mentioned or seen[]

  • Gaea: Mother earth
  • The Father of Kronos presumably name is Uranus
  • The Cabiri: A force of Nature
  • One God : The impulse of creation
  • Dahak: The impulse of destruction.
  • C'thulon: ones a primordial (It appears only in xena comic)
  • Erebus: The darkness. (mentioned in RPG)

Background Mythology[]

The Protogenoi, also known as primordial gods, are the first immortals and beings of power who were born in the world directly from the void of Chaos or the creation. Unlike the Titans and the younger gods.