'The Primordials' were an ancient race of gods or forces of nature, who ruled the Earth before being displaced by the Titans. Their rule ended when the Titan Kronos, killed Uranus (his father) by removing one of his ribs and piercing the sky. 

Unlike the titans and gods, these forces of nature are the elements that make up the world itself.

G​​​​​​allery Edit

List of Primordials Edit

  • Chaos, is the first being to ever exist. (Cosmos)
  • Gaea, Queen of the Primordials (Mother earth)
  • Uranus, King of the Primordials (Father sky)
  • The Cabiri, A force of Nature
  • One God , The force of creation.
  • C'thulon, Ancient being divine (It appears only in xena comic)
  • Erebus, The darkness. (mentioned in RPG)

Background Mythology Edit

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