Pao Ssu
Pao Ssu
Pao Ssu in "Purity"
Portrayed By Marie Matiko
Created By Jeff Vlaming
Series Xena: Warrior Princess
First Appearance "Purity"
Last Appearance "Back in the Bottle"
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Residence Chin
Race Mortal
Cause of Death 1Explosions deflected by telekinesis/2Turned to stone
Killed By Xena and Kao H'sin
Affiliations Lao Ma, Xena, Kao H'sin, Lao Ma, Ming T'ien, Khan
Mother Lao Ma
Brother(s) Ming T'ien
Sister(s) Kao H'sin
Pao Tzu (or Pao Ssu) was a character on Xena: Warrior Princess. She was the daughter of Lao Ma, sister of Ming T'ien and twin sister of Kao H'sin. She tried to utilize her mother's powers to take control of Chin, only to be thwarted by Xena and Kao H'sin.


Early LifeEdit

Although never confirmed, Pao Tzu was the twin sister of Kao H'sin, being identical to one another. Lao Ma wept as she handed Pao Tzu over to the local fisherman to protect her from her iron-fisted brother, Ming T'ien.

Control of the Black Powder and deathEdit

Pao Tzu allied with Xena in order to gain access to her mother's book of wisdom, but was revealed to be on the opposite side when Kao H'sin got to the book before them to prevent her from gaining possession of it.

In her army center, she began a battle with Xena and her twin sister, K'ao Hsin. She lost and fell on the black powder barrels. When her soldiers launched fiery projectiles against Joxer and Gabrielle, the fire fell to the barrels while she was on them. After a loud shout, the barrels exploded and she was consumed in the explosion.


Later, she appeared in spirit form opposite her brother, Ming T'ien, with whom she shared the secret of the black powder. Together, they shared the recipe with a warlord Khan. Khan would later use this powder against all of the Chinese people. However, Xena fought her soldiers by using her spiritual powers and turned Pao Tzu, Ming T'ien, as well as their entire army into stone. After Pao Tzu's loss, Chin had at last found peace.

Background InformationEdit

  • Marie Matiko also played Kao H'sin, heavily implying that they were twins.
  • Despite being the daughters of a very pivotal character, both Pao Ssu and Kao H'sin were never mentioned before or after their two appearances on the show.

Appearances Edit

Xena: Warrior PrincessEdit

  1. "Purity"
  2. "Back in the Bottle
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