Legendary Journeys

Otere, Queen of the Northern Amazons was a character on Xena: Warrior Princess.

When she was a child, her parents were killed during a raid committed by Xena and Borias. Borias took pity on Otere and took her in, clothing and feeding her. Alti, a powerful shamaness, predicted that she would one day take away Xena's power and told Xena to kill her. She advanced on the child with a blade, only to be stopped by Borias and Otere subsequently being given to Cyane I of the Northern Amazons to raise her (of whom Borias was trying to ally with). However, Cyane was killed by Xena.

Ten years later, the tribe had been nearly decimated by Alti and her minion, the deadly Berserker. Otere, Yakut and a handful of others were the only ones left.

They came across Xena when she was trying to access the Amazon Land of the Dead to see Gabrielle. Having realised that Xena had been redeemed, they helped her to defeat Alti, who had trapped the souls of the amazon leaders killed by Xena in the Land of the Dead, unable to cross over to the other side. They defeated the Berserker and eventually the shamaness herself by using their own spirits to fight her in the Spiritual Realm.

Xena left Siberia after killing Alti and receiving her vision. Before leaving she fulfilled Alti's prophecy and allowed Otere to take her power as the rightful leader of the Northern Amazons, which she had accidentally gained when she killed Cyane.

It is unclear what happened to Otere after this episode, as she is not seen or mentioned in "Them Bones, Them Bones," and Yakut had seemingly taken her position as leader.