Oceanus in "Full Circle"

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Oceanus was a Titan who personified the oceans. He was among the Titans Evander freed from The Abyss of Tartarus (HTLJ "Full Circle").


  • Oceanus was played by Andrew Kovacevich
  • Mythologically, Oceanus (or rather, Okeanos), like all titans, was the brother of Kronos. His consort was Tethys, who bore him the 3,000 Oceanids (nymphs associated with various water features) and the 3,000 potamoi (river gods). Some myths survive where Oceanus and Tethys were on friendly terms with the Olympians: in the Illiad Hera says she is going to visit them (referring to Oceanus as "the origin of the gods") and apparently does this often enough that Zeus doesn't think it odd.