The North Wind - Boreas the god of north wind that brings winter. Astraeus, the astrological deity, and Eos / Aurora, the goddess of the Dawn, are the fathers of the Anemoi - the winds gods.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As an Olympian god, Boreas has the  power and abilities of an Olympian, but he has a special connection to the north wind, the winter, the snow and ice, and his wind can freeze a god.

In the myth Edit

The anemoi the gods of the wind to which they are attributed a cardinal direction, from which their respective winds came, and each was associated with several seasons and weather conditions.. The North Wind was controlled by Boreas. The bringer of winter, he was described as being temperamental and very strong. Zephyrus the god of the west wind and the bearer of the light breeze of spring, Notus the god of the wind of the south, the humid and stormy wind of late summer and early autumn and Eurus the god of the east wind, he is associated with the season of autumn.

In Young Hercules Edit

In the episode 1.39 - The Skeptic.

When Pythagoras does not believe in the gods, Strife and Fatuus to the basement of Zeus on Mount Olympus to borrow, After opening several doors, the first door is rain and the second an electrical storm, opens the third door is the north wind, a powerful wind capable of freezing a god.

Strife uses the wind to attack the Academy, but fails, when Pythagoras has the idea of ​​using a fire to divert the wind's path to a bag.

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