Norseland map

Norseland Map

The Norseland is the home of the Vikings and the Asgardian deities. Though never specified, it likely covers all of modern-day Scandinavia including Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.

The most major appearance of the Norselands was in the XWP Norse Trilogy. The Norselands are the setting for the entire trilogy (which takes place over a time period of almost two whole years).

Xenaverse Northern Europe Map by Dylan MacFarlane, including Norselands


As the title 'Norselands' would lead one to believe, the region is ruled by the Norse Pantheon, a group of deities known as the Asgardians. They are comparible to the Olympians in fame, but not in power, as demonstrated when Xena takes on Odin himself with relative ease, and once again when she beats him and takes the golden apples without getting a scratch. Though the Norse Pantheon features a large number of deities, only one is ever featured (as Valkyrie are not deities): this would be Odin who is the ruler of the Asgardian deities. Some of the other deities in the pantheon include Frigga queen of the Asgardian deities and goddess patron of marriage of married woman, Loki, god of cunning, Baldr, god of light and Thor, god of thunder.


Asgardian Deities: Odin, Loki, Thor, Frigga and others deities.

Other than Kal and Dahak (and Hope at one point) Odin is the only member of a foreign pantheon of deities to appear on XWP.


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