The Norn is the Asgardian equivalent to the Olympian Fates. She records history in her Book of Fate, and seems to have some skill at accurately predicting the future. The Book of Fate's reputation is powerful, but even the Asgardian gods sometimes forget that the Norn records only the past and the present, not the future. Aware that a creative solution was needed to resolve the strife caused by the death of Balder, the Norn helped Hercules to restore the past when it was changed by Loki.

Powers Edit

The Norn is immortal she possessing powers similar to other gods. Her special power is a form of supernatural hindsight, allowing her to view the past and present and speaks in riddles about the future. She is considered very wise and is respected by the Asgardians Gods.

Background informationEdit

  • The Norns are the Norse or Germanic counterparts of the Fates and were named Urðr or Wyrd, Verðandi and Skuld. Although the meanings of their names provide clues as to which ones spin, measure and cut the threads of life, the texts do not make it explicit.
    • There were in fact far more than three Norns, with these three being the most prominent.
  • The decisions to reduce the number of norns and replace their loom with a book was likely a creative choice to distinguish them from the Fates.



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