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Nemesis is the Goddess of Divine Justice and Retribution and Hercules' first love. Nemesis was the Executioner for the Olympian gods, dealing out justice and vengeance on those Mortals who became too proud in their ways or in some way angered the gods. This job was Nemesis' punishment for her father siding with the Titans when Zeus revolted against them for control of Mount Olympus (YH "Herc's Nemesis").

Hera sent Nemesis to kill Iolaus for the sin of pride. Iolaus was able to defeat a Hydra and Rankor's bandits with the help of Lydia. Because he did so without arrogance, his execution was stayed (HTLJ "Pride Comes Before a Brawl").

When Salmoneus and Purces stole Hera's treasure in Orestia, the goddess sent Nemesis to kill them for the sin of greed. Nemesis killed Purces, but Hercules convinced her not to kill Salmoneus as he had been led to the treasure and was unaware that it belonged to Hera. She decided the orders of the gods would not rule her life, henceforth, intending to execute only those who deserved it (HTLJ "The Fire Down Below").

By Ares, she is the mother of Evander (HTLJ "Two Men and a Baby"). She would regain her immortality in the end.

Powers and Abilities[]

As a goddess, Nemesis could transform into a white dove, render herself invisible, take possession a some one (Pride Comes Before a Brawl ) also she can used Teleportation.

The presence of Nemesis can affect the wind and air ( YH "Herc's Nemesis") so it can be assumed that she has power over the wind.

When exacting vengeance on her mortal targets, she possessed a prescient awareness of outcomes corresponding to her interactions with them. In addition, she had superhuman dexterity, granting her perfect accuracy with a bow.

Nemesis as goddess can die with hind blood, Hera sent Stregna with a Hind's Blood arrow to kill her (YH "Herc's Nemesis").It appears that Nemesis Godly powers is in her arrows as when she shoots the arrow when it hits it's target it make it explodes as if it was hit by a Fireball ( YH "Herc's Nemesis")

Serving as Hera's archer bolstered Nemesis' skills as a warrior, evidenced by her near-impeccable aim as a mortal (HTLJ "The Enforcer").

Although she is an Olympian Goddess, Nemesis Rarely displayed her true powers as a Goddess. She is like Artemis, always using her Arrows or using her powers in the form of arrows. Nemesis is presumed to possess the standard powers and abilities of an Olympic god.





  • Nemesis revealed to Hercules that when she was in human form she was as vulnerable as a mortal (HTLJ "The Fire Down Below"). A strange fact for being a goddess. a peculiarity or mistake of the scriptwriters
  • In Greek Mythology, Nemesis is often (but not always) listed as a daughter of Erebus, personification of darkness and Nyx, personification of the night (neither of whom sided with the Titans in most versions). She is therefore variously the sister of Aether (light), Hemera (day), Hypnos (sleep), Thanatos (death), the Hesperides, the Fates and others. Nemesis is said to be a companion of the Furies, goddesses of vengeance and retaliation. Nemesis is concerned specifically with punishing those guilty of hubris and those whom Zeus personally judged guilty. Unlike the Furies, she did not have to be bribed or threatened to join the Olympian order. She usually is not associated with Herakles.