Legendary Journeys

Morpheus, The God of Dreams, was a character in Xena: Warrior Princess and Young Hercules.

Mystics serving Morpheus used to terrorize a valley in Greece, selecting one girl every year to ostensibly be Morpheus's bride. The mystics in fact designed a series of trials to make the girl lose her Blood Innocence. Although they told her she would become the god's bride at the end of the trials, she was in fact sacrificed to Morpheus. This state of affairs was apparently instituted by the priest Manus, who blinded and banish his rival Elkton over the rituals. Eventually the mystics captured Gabrielle and tried to sacrifice her, but Elkton teamed up with Xena to defeat Manus. Elkton abolished the sacrifices, which apparently pleased Morpheus, as he accepted Elkton back and even restored his eyesight. (Xena: Warrior Princess: "Dreamworker")

Strife once asked Morpheus for help to enter Hercules's dreams. They gave Hercules an extremely violent dream which caused him to murder Serena in her sleep (HTLJ "Judgment Day").

According to the priest Elkton, would return to adore the gods of the dreams, mentioning that Morpheus has brothers.

in the myth, Mofpheus siblings, are Icelos/Fhobétor and Phantasos. 

His final fate is unknown after that Xena protects her daughter Eve and accomplishes the Twilight of the Gods.

Powers and Abilities[]

Morpheus has the Powers and Abilities  inherent to an olympic god, but as god of dreams, his special power is summoning or making dreams, nightmares, stories, and ideas and send them into the minds of others when they sleep, he can also use the dreamwalking to enter the dreams, Morpheus use cards to create and manipulate dreams, and  his house is the dream boat in the dreams world. 


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