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Morgan Reese Fairhead (born 27 September 1981) is an actress, singer, dancer and model. She portrayed Eris and Cyane III (possibly Eris's descendant) in Xena: Warrior Princess and Eurydice in Young Hercules.


Morgan Reese Fairhead (Morgan Fairhead) was born in September 27, 1981, in New Zealand. She began acting when she was at the age of 11. At one point she attained Grade 8 Speech and Drama and also went to Trinty College in Auckland in 1997 and studied speech & drama, grades 3-8. In 1999 she trained in ballet at the Royal Academy of Dance in Auckland. Since then she has continued her education in acting, dancing and singing in classes and workshops, and modelling. 

Morgan has appeared in both Xena: Warrior Princess and Young Hercules. She has also starred in the "Outrages Fortune" TV Series in 2005 as the character Xena, in the tv-movie "Talent (2005)" as Claire and also starred in the movie "Without the paddle (2004)" as Sandi. 



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