Legendary Journeys
Legendary Journeys

Ming T'ien, often known as The Green Dragon was the tyrannical Emperor of Chin, the son of Lao Ma and Ming Tzu, the rulers of the Lao and Ming Dynasty respectively.


Young Life[]

As a young boy, he was kidnapped by Xena for ransom while she and Borias were trying to make an alliance between his father and mother. After he had seen the ways of Evil Xena and the death of his father, Ming T'ien's psyche was damaged.

Rise To Power and Death[]

He grew to power and ruled over the Kingdom of Ming as a brutal dictator, oppressing the people of the Kingdom of Ming, Although Lao Ma was not permitted any involvement in raising Ming T'ien as child, she tried to demonstrate her love in various ways but she failed. Ming T'ien was responsible for his mother's execution, even though he knew she was his mother and was later killed by Xena to avenge Lao Ma's death.


Ming Tien was one of the enemies in the musical land of Illusia, stopping Xena from returning to the normal world but after Xena confessed to Gabrielle she killed Ming T'ien, Gabrielle forgave Xena and  Ming T'ien was defeated, allowing Xena to escape from Illusia.


Ming T'ien returns again, when his sister Pao Ssu was killed by Xena. She joined her equally evil brother, in the spirit world and through him, was able to communicate to Khan and his army of one hundred thousand men how to make the deadly powder and advancing on the people of Chin.  Pao Ssu and Ming Tien tried to absorb Xena's power in order to return to the physical world.  Xena defeats them by using the power of Lao Ma, Xena turns Khan, his army, Pao Ssu and Ming Tien into stone, marking the final defeat of Ming Tien and Pao Ssu.


Xena: Warrior Princess[]

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