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Mfundo Morrison (Sometimes credited as M'Fundo Morrison) was born on September 5th, 1974 in Georgia, USA. He is most notable in the Xenaverse for playing the recurring roles of Arman and Theseus on Xena: Warrior Princess and Young Hercules, respectively.

His most notable role outside of Young Hercules was as Justus Ward on General Hospital. He has also appeared in The Closer and Forbidden Island.


Xena: Warrior Princess[]

  1. "The Convert" - Arman
  2. "Animal Attraction" - Arman

Young Hercules[]

  1. Young Hercules - Liardus
  2. "Valley of the Shadow" - Theseus
  3. "Apollo" - Theseus
  4. "The Beasts Beneath" - Theseus
  5. "Adventures in the Forbidden Zone" - Theseus