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Melosa, Queen of the Telaquire Amazons was the Queen of the Telaquire Amazons until her death at the hands of her adopted daughter, Velasca.

She made her first appearance on the season 1 episode "Hooves and Harlots" in which she aims to avenge the murder of her sister Tereis despite the fact that she has no evidence whether the centaur Phantes killed her and that executing Phantes could ignite a war between her people and the Centaurs. Xena convinces her otherwise by challenging her to a fight and by winning the queen's title. When Xena exposes the real killer, the two women and their warriors confront the accused and peace between the two societies begins.

It is revealed that Melosa's adopted daughter, Velasca, challenged her for the title of queen and defeated Melosa fair and square by killing her.

It is unknown how Melosa became queen of this specific tribe, as during the time when Hercules was young, Cyane was the queen.


  1. A fight to the death between two people
Queens of the Telaquire Amazons | Succeeded by Velasca