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Melinda "Mel" Pappas was a character on Xena: Warrior Princess. She was the daughter of Professor Pappas, who was the winner of a Nobel Prize and received a Dean from University. She presumably began to follow in his footsteps, being able to decipher ancient languages.

She was a descendant of Xena's living in the early 1940's, who, along with Janice Covington and Jack Kleinman (descendants of Gabrielle and Joxer respectively), discovered the Xena Scrolls and the tomb of Ares. She was much more naive than her ancestor and she wasn't as mentally or physically capable, either.

Along with discovering the Xena Scrolls, she also discovered one half of Xena's broken Chakram. When John Smythe, a rival archaeologist, discovers the other half, the Chakram reconnects and Mel is taken over by the spirit of Xena. Not only does the Chakram reconnect, but Ares is also released from his tomb. Xena is forced to open the caves, allowing Ares to escape to the open world. Xena does, however, stop this and imprison him once again, by using the Chakram. Once she uses it, the Chakram snaps in half again, causing Xena to leave Mel's body and return her to her normal self.

If Melinda is a direct descendant of Xena, then she must be a descendant of Eve, the reincarnated soul of Callisto, since Xena's only other child, Solan, died before he produced children of his own.

Mel was played by Lucy Lawless.

Of the three descendant characters, Mel is the only one with a (modern) Greek surname, suggesting that at some point Gabrielle's descendants, as well as Joxer's, married outside of Greece.


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