Portrayed By Jenya Lano
Appearance "Succession"
Affiliations Ares, Xena, Gabrielle
Series Xena: Warrior Princess
Mavican was a character on Xena: Warrior Princess. She was a fearless warrior, who was a former protege of Ares. She was told by him that she would succeed Xena's place as his heir, if she could kill her. Mavican leapt at this chance since she firmly believed that it was her destiny to fight with Xena and forever be remembered as the woman who bested her.

Ares sent Mavican, Xena and Gabrielle to a realm, created by Ares, where the three can fight it out. Xena and Gabrielle were merged into one body (Xena during the day and Gabrielle at night).

It is later learned that the 'game' is actually centered on Gabrielle, to succeed Xena's throne. Ares rules stated that if Xena killed Mavican then she stayed right where she was, trapped in the realm. He didn't, however, say that Gabrielle couldn't kill Mavican. To prevent Gabrielle from killing someone Xena decides to trick Mavican into losing the game. She reminisces about a time when Ares told her that whoever asks for his help doesn't deserve it. So Xena traps herself and Mavican in an cave taunting the other warrior that even if she wins against Xena nobody will ever know. "Your destiny", said Xena, "is to be forgotten." A statement that proved true as a desperate Mavican calls out for Ares to help her. The god of war gives her an annoyed look and sends Xena and Gabrielle back to the real world. Furious, Mavican asks what he's doing and reminds him that he said she could ask him for help. Disgusted, Ares replies, "I said you could. I never said you should." and teleports out of the cave. Mavican remains trapped in the realm never to be heard of again.

She was played by Jenya Lano.