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Malacus was Autolycus' older brother, taking care of him after their mother died when they were children. As an adult, he was tricked out of his land by a merchant named Tarsus. Malacus protested the injustice, but Tarsus then had him murdered – a crime that was blatantly ignored by law enforcement. Autolycus avenged his brother by robbing Tarsus blind and giving the spoils to the poor. As a result, Autolycus became an outlaw, but he always remembered the good that Malacus had done for him.

Background Information

  • Malacus synonym of adjective Malakos Malakos μαλακός means "soft" in Greek. Malakia "softness" is the Classical Greek term for effeminacy.
  • Malacus or Malakos Macedonian Dolichos winner in Amphiarian games 329 BC
  • Malacus a Greek historian,[2] the author of a work entitled Sifnion oroi (terms of Sifnians) which is quoted by Athenaeus (vi. p. 267). It has been conjectured by some that he is the same with Apollonius of Alabanda, who was surnamed Malacus.

Mythologically, Autolycus had only one brother, a twin, Philammon. Their mother had slept with both Hermes and Apollo, and Autolycus was Hermes's son while Philammon was Apollo's.

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