Legendary Journeys

Loki is an Asgardian God. Loki formed a pact with a force of darkness (presumably Dahak) to bring about the three tragedies that would herald Ragnarok.

Loki who stole the Book of Fate from the Norn and painted a future in which Balder was dead (first tragedy). He also painted the defeat of Thor at the hands of a demigod (second tragedy). He then created a mask and gave it to his father Odin, leaving him blind (the third tragedy).


Loki is very intelligent, cunning, manipulative, witty, resentful and vindictive, treacherous and does not hesitate to kill his family to reach his goals. He has resentment towards his family, especially his parents, because has he lived under the shadows of his brothers, Thor and Balder.

Powers and Abilities[]

Loki has Powers and Abilities like other Gods. The Powers more remarkable of Loki but not limited.

Conjuration: Loki could capture Hercules inside a stone block.

Shape shifting: Loki has the ability to change his appearance to take whatever form he likes or mortals, animal or Gods.

Supernatural strength: Loki has superhuman strength, but still inferior to Thor and Hercules.


  • Loki assuming the form of a wolf may be a reference to him being the father of Fenrir (the Fenris Wolf) in the original myths.
  • Loki shape shifting into a little girl is consistent with mythology, where Loki frequently takes on female form.
  • Just as many of the Greek Gods were reimagined as the children of Zeus and Hera, Loki was reimagined as Odin's son, but traditionally, he was son of Farbauti and Laufey. His origins in mythology are generally more nebulous with some stories having him be the contemporary of Odin and others of Thor.
  • Loki's character here is arguably more maligned than in mythology where he was an uncaring trickster who saved the day as often as not. In fact, he was relatively well-liked amongst the Gods, until his role in the death of Baldur, which was totally unforgivable and led to his being chained beneath the earth whilst a serpent dripped venom into his eyes.