This is a non-comprehensive list of those have directed movies or episodes. Directors with individual pages are not included.

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Timothy BondEdit

Directed "The Fire Down Below", "The Wedding of Alcmene", and "Long Live the King"

Charles BravermanEdit

Directed "The Green-Eyed Monster"


John CameronEdit

Directed "Genies and Grecians and Geeks, Oh My"

Rodney ChartersEdit

Directed "Reign of Terror"

Richard ComptonEdit

Directed "Descent"

James A. ContnerEdit

Directed "Under the Broken Sky"


Peter EllisEdit

Directed "The Festival of Dionysus", "Pride Comes Before a Brawl", and "Heedless Hearts"


Robert GintyEdit

Directed "Warrior... Priestess... Tramp"

Ken GirottiEdit

Directed "The Ides of March"

Chris GravesEdit

Directed "Two Men and a Baby" and "A Lady in Hades"

Janet GreekEdit

Directed "King Con"

Paul GrinderEdit

Directed "Married with Fishsticks" and "Lifeblood"

David GrossmanEdit

Directed "Love, Amazon Style"


Gary JonesEdit

Directed "Prodigal Sister", "The Greater Good", "The Giant Killer", and "Intimate Stranger"


John T. KretchmerEdit

Directed "Cast a Giant Shadow", "A Solstice Carol", "Monster Child in the Promised Land", "Beanstalks and Bad Eggs", and "The Prodigal"


Michael LangeEdit

Directed "Doomsday" and "Web of Desire"

Alan J. LeviEdit

Directed "Men in Pink"

Allison LiddiEdit

Direted "Little Problems"

Chris LongEdit

"City of the Dead" and "Darkness Rising"


John MahaffieEdit

Directed "War Wounds"

Stewart MainEdit

Directed "Promises" and "Death Mask"

George MendelukEdit

Directed "As Darkness Falls" and "The Other Side"


Lynne NaylorEdit

Directed Hercules and Xena - The Animated Movie: The Battle for Mount Olympus

Adam NimoyEdit

Directed "A Wicked Good Time"

Patrick R. NorrisEdit

Directed "Daughter of Pomira"

Bill L. NortonEdit

Directed Hercules and the Amazon Women and Hercules in the Underworld


Steve PolivkaEdit

Directed "If I Had a Hammer..."

Stephen PoseyEdit

Directed "Siege at Naxos"


Simon RabyEdit

Directed "Valley of the Shadow"

Robert RadlerEdit

Directed "Let There Be Light"


Marina SargentiEdit

Directed "Here She Comes... Miss Amphipolis"

Philip SgricciaEdit

Directed "Darkness Visible", "Twilight", "Resurrection", and "Hero's Heart"

Gilbert M. ShiltonEdit

Directed "The Furies"


David Warry-SmithEdit

Directed "Sacrifice"

James Whitmore Jr.Edit

Directed "The End of the Beginning"

Anson WilliamsEdit

Directed "Remember Nothing", "Mummy Dearest", and "King For A Day"

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