Legendary Journeys
Legendary Journeys

Lilith was a female Cadet at the Academy during Hercules' training. Along with Yvenna and Mila, she was one of the few women to train under Cheiron, causing her more difficulty in her training.[1]

Lilith's parents died when she was a young child and she was raised by her brother Marcus and sister Neina. As an eight-year-old, she served as the village's lookout. After her brother was seriously injured by raiders, she tended to his wounds, despite her lack of knowledge, but he died of his injuries.[2] Her sister, Neina, took Lilith off of lookout duty and began teaching her the ways of the homemaker. Unwilling to give up against the raiders who killed her brother, Lilith left the village and her sister upon reaching maturity and enrolled in the Academy.[3]

During her first stay at the Academy, after a period of temporary blindness, she became the Dacuuda of the Academy, the ideal of the other Cadets.[4] She left shortly afterwards, to train under the Telaquire Amazons.[5] As an Amazon, she became the head of the scouting party, reporting directly to Queen Cyane. After the Second War with the Centaurs, she left the Amazons to continue her training at the Academy.[6]

She continued to face tough situations in her second Academy career. She was seriously injured by Ares in a fake cave-in,[2] before being lured into the Bacchae by Bacchus.[7] She assisted Hercules in hunting down the disappeared Jason[8] and was also sucked into the Dreamscape by Morpheus, before being saved by Hercules.[9]

Along with Marco and Iolaus, Lilith was stranded for several days in the Dune Sea, a desert plagued by Sand Sharks. She managed to make it out alive thanks to Hercules and Theseus, although Marco perished.[10]

Lilith posed as Jason's fake wife, quickly learning proper lady techniques from Princess Dido, in an elaborate scheme to prevent Corinth from being thrust into war. This event was the first time Jason thought of Lilith in something other than a friendly way.[11] Unbeknownst to their friends, Jason and Lilith began secretly dating, or "going steady" as Jason referred to it, before Lilith left the Academy once more for an Amazon lifestyle. She soon discovered that she was pregnant with Jason's daughter, Seska, but decided to raise the child as an Amazon, with no need for a father.[12]

Lilith briefly reunited with Jason many years later when he became the new Headmaster at the Academy. She introduced him to their daughter during this time.[12]Lilith and Seska would later settle down in a village some distance away, where Seska briefly, illegally, joined a coven of witches.[13]