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Legendary Journeys

Lila was a recurring character on Xena: Warrior Princess. She is the only sister of Gabrielle, and the daughter of Herodatus and Hecuba. She lives on her parents' farm in Potideia.

She is first portrayed as being kind-natured and loving towards her sister, although reluctant to accept Xena, due to her previous reputation of violence. As time progresses, she comes to terms with the fact that her sister and Xena are soul mates, and realises that Xena truly has 'changed' for the better and Gabrielle is better off on the road with her.

Gabrielle's new life came to haunt Lila occasionally, such as when her evil niece Hope impersonate Gabrielle, and when Lila had to contend with a bounty hunter and a goddess at what was supposed to be Gabrielle's birthday party.

After Gabrielle's disappearance, Lila got married and had a daughter, Sarah. A few years before Xena and Gabrielle returned, Potideia was ransacked by Gurkhan, a cunning warlord. He killed Lila's and Gabrielle's parents and Lila's husband and captured Sarah. When the Twilight of the Gods was over, Gabrielle and Xena returned to Potideia to visit Lila, who was shell-shocked to see them again after so long. She informed them of the events that happened involving Gurkhan and Sarah, prompting Gabrielle to rescue her niece.


Xena: Warrior Princess

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